The United States Has Proposed a Reduction in Biofuel Requirements for 2018

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On Wednesday, June 5, the United States government proposed to reduce the amount of biofuel required to be used in diesel and gasoline fuel in 2018. This move suggests the first step in an energy policy overhaul under President Trump.

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The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency proposed requiring energy companies to mix 19.24 billion gallons of biofuel in diesel and gasoline in 2018’s Renewable Fuel Standards. This decision will draw out the battle between oil and corn interests.

The proposed levels are 20% below the target that was set back in 2007, which was 26 billion gallons of biofuel for the country’s fuel support. That target was initiated in order to cut U.S. oil imports and increase renewable fuel use.

Along with making late changes to the 2018 proposal, Scott Pruitt, the EPA Administrator, directed the EPA to look into whether or not the agency has the power to restrict imported biofuels.

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