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TargetStockNews provides daily news updates for all things stock-related. Categories covered include technology, mining, and cryptocurrencies. Share prices, company acquisitions and mergers, and management information is covered here.

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Get the latest technology news, and information about communications to computer hardware to semiconductor companies.

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Learn more about consumer company news from stock prices, to acquisitions. Subcategories include entertainment, autos, and more.

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Find the latest news on financial company performance, earnings, and contracts. Banks, credit service companies, and more are covered.

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Healthcare, biotechnology, and drug manufacturing companies are all covered under the Health category. Get the updated, daily news here.

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Basic Materials news includes subcategories including agriculture and mining. Find out everything about basic material companies here.

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Find updated, daily news about metals and mining companies including share price changes, acquisitions, and earnings reports.

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News regarding cobalt mining companies is covered daily, and includes updates on share prices, management changes, and more.

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News about Lithium mining companies, and companies that need lithium for production reasons is published here daily; everything you need to know about daily undertakings is covered.

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Silver mining company news is published on a daily basis and covers everything from the changing price of silver, to specific company news.

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Gold news is covered on a day-to-day basis and is based around price changes, investing news, and more.

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On a daily basis, Zinc news is updated and covers issues from price increases and decreases to specific company news.

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Price crashes and soars, investing information, and company news is provided daily.

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Find out everything you need to know regarding energy company news. The price of oil, alternative energy policies and more is covered here.

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Consulting and outsourcing, to industrial product companies are covered on a daily basis and news includes updates on company share prices, general information, and quarterly earnings.

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Real estate company news is covered regularly with information updates about the real estate sector and housing.

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Daily coverage of the price of cryptocurrencies including, but not limited to, Bitcoin as well as blockchain information is provided here.